Technical Characteristics

pappami, il piatto che si mangia

Pappami is a plate that

  • is strong, suited for containing and carrying foods
  • is designed for containing and consuming solid and liquid foods for very long periods of time
  • is made from similar ingredients to bread
  • has a natural flavour that reminds you of bread
  • has spaces at the edge that make it easy to hold
  • has a flower cut into it, with petals that can easily be broken off and eaten with the meal
  • can be deep-frozen, frozen and used in the microwave
  • can be customized by cutting a name, a trademark or the slogan of an event into the base or the flower
  • is compostable and can be disposed of in the organic fraction
  • is made from a simple recipe and is specially made for strength and fragrance
  • content capacity: over 300 cc