pappami, il piatto che si mangia

Environmental attitude and wholesomeness

This firm concentrates on respect for and active protection of the environment.

Water and electricity Each plate is made by adding about 28 grams of water to the dry ingredients. We are already working towards the use of electric power obtained from renewable sources alone. The firm only uses electric power from renewable sources, RECS certificate: mark "100% clean energy" Thirty.

Waste and sustainability The scraps produced are not considered as waste but rather as a resource; our firm gives production scraps away, completely free of charge, to small farmers who recycle them as animal fodder.

Packaging the packaging is designed to be ecosustainable; we use recyclable boxes and paper adhesive tape, and the protective film can be disposed of with paper, all production phases thus being ecosustainable.

Wholesomeness The ingredients used are simple ones, just like for bread, they are completely vegetarian and only non-hydrogenated fats are used. The ingredients are selected for their quality, with no GMOs and no colorants. We are soon going to start work on biological production and a gluten-free line.