pappami, il piatto che si mangia

Pappami, the plate you eat!

Pappami (meaning "eat me up") is a new product for the catering sector: a plate you can eat, during or after a meal. You can break off the "petals" of the flower and eat them along with your meal. A bakery product … as delicious as bread!

  • ecological
  • keeps the food hot
  • versatile
  • no need to wash
  • can be used in the microwave
  • as delicious as bread
  • a new idea per the HoReCa sector
  • strong, can even hold hot soup

How can you eat me?

I am a novel kind of plate, ideal for containing and eating with:

  • starters
  • first courses
  • soups
  • main courses
  • side dishes
  • salads, etc.

What's so special about me?

I can hold liquid and semi-liquid foods for a long time, you can use me for flavouring dishes with oil and you can even put me in the microwave.

When can you eat me?

I am so versatile that I can be used on various occasions:

  • in restaurants, cafes, for catering, buffets, aperitifs
  • at private parties, in wine bars
  • at open-air events, festivals
  • at home
  • while travelling, boating, camping
  • in farmhouse accommodation, hostels
  • with finger foods