pappami, il piatto che si mangia

Pappami, new ideas for the HoReCa sector.

This is a novel product

  • an alternative to traditional plastic or china plates
  • provides added value for restaurant keepers: it is not just a plate, it can be eaten instead of bread
  • it has a homemade image and a natural flavour
  • it has thermal properties and keeps food hot

It is time saving

  • "disposable": no need to wash it, so it saves lots of time

It is eco-friendly

  • it is compostable, the remains of the plate can be disposed of in the wet fraction, thus making disposal fast and sustainable
  • disposal is more economical: compost disposal costs 1/3 less than for the dry fraction
  • it is sustainable and completely environment-friendly because animals can eat it

It can be customised

  • it can be customised by cutting a trademark or the slogan of an event into the bottom of the plate or on the flower